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What are the Best Small Business Apps for 2015?

by Admin on 01/05/2015 09:15 AM

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Over the last five years, both mobile phone and desktop software applications have gone through major changes. Instead of being limited to a few preinstalled applications, iOS and Android devices now offer access to a seemingly endless selection of apps. And although it wasn't that long ago when almost all desktop software was distributed by CD, a large percentage of popular software options have now moved to cloud based apps that are accessible from any device with an Internet connection.   Because there are so many apps on the market, one of the biggest challenges people face is wading through all of the options to find the programs they truly want. This is especially true for small business owners. Not only do you want to avoid wasting time going on a long hunt, but you want to ensure that any apps you choose to utilize will deliver real value to your business.   Since this is a frustrating situation faced by countless people who run small businesses, we want to help save you a headache. Instead of feeling that you're stuck blindly searching, here are four small business apps with a proven track record of delivering concrete value:    

Basecamp   Whether you're a one-person operation who subcontracts work or you have a dozen full-time employees, Basecamp is a great way to keep everything your business needs to run smoothly in a single location. Launched by 37signals back in 2004, Basecamp has grown into one of the most popular project management solutions in the world. Not only is it based in the cloud, but its intuitive design makes it a delight to use.  

Square   If you need a more convenient way to process payments, Square is the way to go. With a simple dongle, this app transforms your iPhone into a mobile credit card processor. Not only is it extremely convenient, but Square also offers a flexible fee structure. You can decide whether it's best for your business to pay 2.75% per swipe or a flat rate of $275 a month. The convenience and flexibility of Square makes it an ideal fit for retail and service businesses of all sizes.  

1Password   Most people use the same handful of passwords for all their accounts. While that reality makes security experts cringe, the reason it's so common is because it's very hard to remember a long list of unique passwords. Fortunately, 1Password makes it easy to have a unique and completely secure password for every online account you have. And all you have to remember is one strong master password. What's really nice is you can use it on both your computer and your iPhone.  

Mint   Although it's far from being the only finance app for small business owners, what makes Mint so worthwhile is its very well-designed interface. Thanks to the interface, you can take advantage of some really powerful features without every feeling bogged down.   Once you start taking advantage of all the functionality that these four apps can provide to your business, you'll find that you're able to get more done in less time.

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