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Learn How iPad Apps Can Help with Autism

by Admin on 03/24/2015 10:00 AM

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At Social Apps Match, our focus is on matching businesses with the right social media tools to help them save time and money. But because we're so involved in this space, we're also passionate about how apps can help improve individuals' quality of life.   Since April is Autism Awareness Month, we want to use our expertise surrounding social media apps to explore how iPad apps can help individuals with autism, as well as the loved ones taking care of individuals who are autistic.  

What Makes iPad Apps a Useful Tool for Autism?
For people with severe autism, communication can be nearly impossible. And even for individuals who have a milder form of autism, communication can be a significant challenge. For people in either situation, there are iPad apps that can make it possible or easier to communicate. Not surprisingly, having the ability to solve a major communication hurdle can significantly improve someone's quality of life.   When Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, people from all across the globe used social media applications to share their gratitude for how Apple's products had improved their lives. One group that was especially vocal was parents of severely autistic children. They detailed exactly how these apps were improving the daily quality of life of their children.   For example, one mother explained that prior to the iPad, the only way her son could communicate was by pointing at letters one by one. Since this was a slow and tedious process, it was hard for anyone to understand what he was trying to say. As a result, he felt isolated in both school and family settings.   While most people wouldn't think of a consumer electronics device as something that could give someone a new life, that's exactly what the iPad did for her son. By downloading a language app and adding symbols, pictures and videos, her son is now able to communicate with much more ease. This has given him the confidence to do things like order breakfast at a diner that the rest of us take for granted!  

A Great Way to Engage Autistic Students
In addition to the ability of the iPad and the right apps to help a person with autism communicate, teachers are also discovering that the iPad is an especially useful tool for students with autism.   Because many autistic students struggle to stay focused, the dynamic nature of the iPad can help grab their attention and then hold it. From improving language skills to learning about music, there's a lot that this device can do.   While autism research still has a long way to go, it's exciting to think about how developers and technologists can continue helping with contributions like specialized iPad apps!

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