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The 5 Top Social Media Apps to Watch for in 2015

by Admin on 01/26/2015 07:00 PM

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When people think of social media apps, Twitter and Facebook usually come to mind first. However, a number of new social media networks have joined this growing market over the past few years. Pinterest, Snapcat, Instagram and Vine are just a few that are taking the world by storm. So what's the next big thing in social media? We have the top 5 apps you should look for in 2015!  

  In terms of being the most unique, Secret really takes the cake. This is a social media app that allows you to interact with your friends, but unlike other social media apps, Secret allows you to share information with your friends without them knowing it's you. That friend then has the opportunity to reply to the message they receive on Secret anonymously.   Interestingly enough, Secret doesn't just allow friends to share messages. People nearby who have the app can exchange messages as well, so you never know what new “secrets” you are going to learn. It also makes it harder to guess who sent you the secret message.  

  Kleek isn't actually its own social network. Instead, Kleek connects to your Facebook account. This social media app makes it possible for you to limit the data you share, such as your status, with only people you want. For example, you could choose to share your status with only your truly close friends.  

  Wanelo is social shopping at its finest. The name comes from the phrase, “Want, Need Love.” Here, you can look at millions of different products. This includes products from independent Etsy sellers all the way up to big name brands. What makes this app social is that you can view your friends' favorites and their wish lists. Don't be shocked if you see the Wanelo button start popping up on your favorite websites in 2015. It already has 11 million users!  

Yik Yak
  The Yik Yak social media app is kind of like Secret. It allows you to anonymously share your thoughts with people who are nearby, and the thoughts can then be up-voted if others find them interesting. You can view posts that others have upped on your feed. The app even allows you to post to locations other than the area you are in. So you can post in London, even if you’re in New York. This effectively allows you to share your thoughts with anyone, anywhere in the world.  

  Shots is a social media app that is set to go up against Snapchat. This app allows you to take photographs using your front-facing camera and share them with other Shots users. You aren't able to comment on photos, but this is to help avoid cyber bullying. Shots does have a private chat feature that allows you to chat with friends.   While these apps are still fairly new, the fact that they’re gaining substantial momentum means that businesses who take the time to really look into them may reap significant rewards throughout 2015.



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