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6 Ideas for Creating a Content-Based Mobile App

by Admin on 12/15/2014 03:15 PM

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Given the prominence of mobile throughout 2014, there's no question that 2015 is going to be another big year for mobile usage. If you look at your Google Analytics data, it's almost guaranteed that you will see an increase in mobile visitors from 2013 to 2014. This type of usage has increased so much that some sites are now receiving nearly 50% of their traffic from mobile devices.   Since so many people are using their mobile devices to get online, businesses need to stay on top of this change in order to avoid missing out on new customers. The first thing businesses need to ensure is that their website features a responsive design. The benefit of responsive design is it makes a website look great and function consistently across all screen sizes. So regardless of whether someone visits from a tablet, desktop or phone, a responsive design will adjust automatically.   While responsive design is a must, another option that many businesses are considering is a mobile app. Before any business dives into having an app created, it's crucial that they identify one or more clear goals. The reason is because getting people to use a mobile app requires them to download and install it. If an app doesn't offer a clear benefit to potential or current customers, it's not going to get much use.   Because providing a clear incentive for using the app is so important, let's take a look at a few different ways you can create an app that people will want to use:  

Offer Exclusive Coupons
Just as people will happily enter their email address in exchange for coupons, the same is true for giving people a reason to download and open your app.  

First to Receive Promos
Even if it doesn't make sense for your business to offer coupons, you can use the same type of strategy in the form of making your app the first place where promos are available.  

Access to an eBook
If your business has a quality eBook, putting it inside the app and offering it for free is definitely a compelling value proposition to download.  

Event Guide
For businesses that host events, putting everything attendees need to know in an app can work very well.  

Special Photo Galleries
Although this won't be the right fit for every type of business, certain ones can create a lot of interest with an app based around photo galleries.  

Innovative Communication Channel
Whether it's for potential or current customers, positioning an app as a direct communication channel can work very well.   For more inspiration, be sure to browse through Social Apps Match to see firsthand which kinds of apps get the best response from actual users.

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