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This application sets itself aside from other \"Rate and Review\" apps with their unique voting feature. Each one of your fans receives a limited number of votes which they can use to give to any article of feedback. This in turn makes sure that people only vote for ideas they like best and gives you a quick rundown on which suggestions your fans prefer.

This application couldn\'t be simpler to integrate. You first need to create a UserVoice account, which allows for easy access to their complex content management system. Once you install the application to your Fan Page, there\'s no setup required; your fans should be able to give feedback immediately. Also, email alerts tell me whenever someone makes a new suggestion and/or comments, letting me follow up instantly.

Virality options such as sharing someone\'s idea or suggesting a friend to provide feedback are features that are sorely lacking. Otherwise, this is easily one of the best applications in the market for receiving and handling customer feedback.



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