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Customizing the application is easy. All the editing is done from within TravelPromoter’s content management system, which is easily accessed from within Facebook. Represent your brand by uploading your own background image and color scheme. You can also customize the application tabs, some of which include highly social features such as friend invite, shareable trips and your friends from within TravelPromoter.

Adding your own offerings is easy and fun to do – you can either import content directly from a CSV or add them manually through TravelPromoter’s CMS. Through these offering pages you can display pictures, descriptions, a video, links to the offering on your website and many more features.

Also, TravelPromoter comes with a fully functioning analytics platform that lets you track new and returning users, visits, invites, comments, clicks, rating and many more. You can even access the list of users who has used your app.

This is a great tool for any travel agent, tour operator, tourist office, airline, resort or hotel looking to start promoting their offerings on Facebook. Users can browse details of each travel product, share comments and reviews with their friends, view pictures and videos, Like, and even book holiday. Give it a try, it’s free!



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