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Photo Showcase


NorthSocial\'s vast amount of customization is a wonderful benefit. Their Content Management System allows you to easily upload photos, attach a link to each photo and also include a \"buy\" button if you desire.

The layout is simple, but sleek and user-friendly. The photos show up in a page-centered slider. But, if you want to spice up the app a bit, you can upload a header image, which can also be linked to your company\'s website.

One of the coolest features of Photo Showcase is the integrated commenting, which allows your Fans to comment on specific photos within the slideshow. Another great feature are the \"share\" features, which are completely customizable. You can decide what the title will be, as well as assign a thumbnail and write the text to the shared box.

This application is easy to set up, easy to use and well worth the cost as it has numerous viral features.



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