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Nutshell Mail


With this application, your fans can get an hourly, daily or weekly email that includes your page updates plus an aggregated view of their social network updates. The inclusion of the latter engages users and makes for a high open rate. Fans just need to click one button within the app to start getting email updates, and this simple interface encourages high conversions. This application also uses Facebook\'s e-mail API to collect the user\'s Facebook registered e-mail address (a nice bonus). The app offers basic metrics that show the number of users who have signed up for updates and the total amount of e-mails sent to those users per week. 

We think this application could offer better analytics such as CTR, open rate and the number of other pages the user has enabled in the e-mails. We would also like to see a content management system that gives page owners the ability to customize the style of the app and make it more brand-friendly. This application could also benefit from more viral features, like encouraging fans to share the fact that they signed up for an email in their stream.



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