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Itunes for Pages


Itunes for Pages is a Facebook Application that allows artists to display their iTunes songs and albums directly on their Facebook Fan Page.

Setting up the application is pretty simple. First type in your Band Name, then input your band ID number. This part of the process can be rather tricky, but the app has good instructions on how to find this number. After you locate the number, click save and your music is broadcast on your Fan Page.

The layout for this app is simple, but user-friendly. Users can choose to view by song or album. Each entry is attached to a corresponding iTunes thumbnail. By clicking on the thumbnail for a specific album or song, this application sends your Fans to iTunes, enabling them to download your music. The new \\\\\\\"share\\\\\\\" feature improves this app\\\\\\\'s viral strategy.

Analytics would also help you gauge the app\\\\\\\'s success. A search box, however adds an easier way to search for music directly in the app. Admins can also choose what songs they want to display as their default songs. This app now supports all countries!



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