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Eventbrite is a ticketing service that lets you create, manage and share your own events. The Eventbrite Facebook application allows you to showcase a single event of your choosing, letting your Facebook fans learn about your event, purchase tickets and share with their friends.

The Eventbrite application is very simple to manage. You create and build your event from within Eventbrite’s site, which allows for an awesome array of options through their platform. You then log in to your Eventbrite Facebook application with your account info, which in turn lets you pick which event you want to promote on your Fan Page.

The application itself is very neat and easy to follow. You are allowed to upload an image for branding purposes, which will appear at the top of your event page. Also, your fans will be able to see when, where, pricing and event details through the application’s simple interface. Once your event page has convinced a fan to purchase a ticket, they can immediately place an order directly through your Fan Page where they will also be able to share with their friends.

All-in-all, the Eventbrite application is everything you could want if you manage events. With a simple to use content management system and an even simpler way to integrate your event to your Fan Page, this application has it all. The only thing I would add is the ability to comment on the event, which is a great way to show a newcomer how much buzz you’re event is getting.



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