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Freeload lets you lock content in a few unique ways, fans will automatically wall post about the content making the content go viral. The Facebook admin can view analytics of the Freeload and connect with the fans via email for additional charges.

Setting up a Freeload is simple. From the Freeload creation page you are able to add a large image of your choosing, giving you the ability to brand your download page. You are also given the option of setting a time and date for when your Freeload becomes active, which is a great tool to help manage your different Freeloads. There are now 3 different ways to Freeload your content. You can choose between making your Freeload available at a set time, after a certain amount of \"demands\", or once a Fan Page acquires a number of \"Likes\".

One of the shining qualities of Freeload is the ability to track the users who are downloading your file. Through Facebook\'s open API, Freeload can store the emails of the users who download your file. For only cents per email you can send targeted blasts from within Freeload\'s easy-to-use content management system.

With ample sharing and branding features, Freeload is a well-rounded application. There are no tricky steps to creating your own Freeload, although I wish we had the ability to upload an image and file directly through the app (not through a third-party site).

The current price includes one Freeload to be released on one Facebook Page. Multiple Freeloads can be purchased within the app when you run out. Also, multiple Facebook Page Freeloads can be purchased by contacting the developer.



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