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Document Display


Document Display, created by North Social, allows you to share documents like whitepapers, articles, instructions and other files directly on your Facebook Fan Page.

In order for this app to work, you must have a Scribd account, which is a free document sharing service. No downloads are necessary with Scribd.

The app utilizes a Scribd reader which gives the you capability to view the documents in three methods- slide, book and scroll. You can also zoom in/out on the documents. The Scribd reader is a really sleek application with a great appearance. You can customize the appearance a bit by adding a custom image header, as well.

As with all North Social apps, you can toggle on/off whether users must “Like” the page in order to view the files. You can also customize the share features, which can help spread this app virally on Facebook.

If you have any awesome docs you want to show off, look into using this app



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