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Easily add audio, videos, tour dates, a store, Twitter updates and more! 
BandRx is totally free and offers the most features with zero restrictions.

BandRx claims to be the easiest way to customize your band’s Fan Page and they didn’t lie. Add a twitter account, videos, music, events, contests, merchandise, Google Analytics and many more.

Adding content to your Page is as simple as clicking “On” and filling in the blanks. Pick and choose between 14 different features to add and rearrange the order by a simple drag-and-drop manager. All the customization takes place right on Facebook so you never have to leave (not that you ever do anyways).

Of all the features supported by BandRx, the Contest Module and Live Streaming Event widget popped out the most. Instead of having to create and manage multiple applications for your Fan Page, you can run engaging promotions and maintain a live video feed directly through BandRx’s interface.

BandRx is currently 100% free to use.

Here is the full list of features offered by BandRx:
• Banner Image 
• Twitter Updates 
• Videos Module 
• User Comments 
• Page Wall 
• Audio/MP3s 
• Upcoming Events 
• Info Module 
• Store Module 
• HTML Module 
• Email Collection 
• Live Streaming Event 
• Contest Module 
• Google Analytics Tracking



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