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Better Internal Link Search


Better Internal Link Search improves the default internal link searching feature in a number of ways, making it faster and easier to find the content you want to link up.
Features Include:

  • Search by post or page title when adding links to the editor or adding pages to a nav menu.
  • Includes terms from any taxonomy in the search results so you can easily link to term archives.
  • Scheduled posts are included in search results.
  • Text highlighted in the editor when opening the internal link popup is searched for automatically.
  • Adds a shortcut for quickly linking to the homepage. Just type \'home\'.
  • Provides the ability to create custom shortcuts with a little code.
  • Powerful modifiers included for searching additional data sources to make linking fast and easy (Wikipedia, GitHub, iTunes, Spotify, Codex).
  • Extendable so developers can add their own sources.



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